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Color: Blue

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Internal Reference: Z0740400212
Overview: The Lazuli Cookware Set has all the benefits of ceramic in conducting heat in very special products that will revolutionize your routine. The pans are non-toxic and the enamel formula, with nanoparticles that reduce by about 95% the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Besides a bold design, the pans can be taken from the stove to the freezer, from the oven to the table, or from the microwave to the refrigerator, made from refractory ceramic, resisting the most varied thermal shocks. The tempered glass lids with silicone edges and handle can also are resistant to microwave and dishwasher. When used in the conventional oven, the lids should be exposed to a maximum temperature of 250°C with browning function turned off. Enjoy the mealtime in fashionable colors.
Type: Ceramic Cookware Set
Standard Unit Size: 4PCS
Primary Material: Ceramic
Assembly Required: NO
Assembly Provided: NO
Features: First class material; refractory ceramic; Stove; Oven; Freezer; Refrigerator; Microwave; Dishwasher safe;
Width (cm): 35
Length (cm): 40
Height (cm): 32
Care Instructions: Do not expose lids in oven more than 250°C and Turn off Browning function

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